December 3, 2021

E3 Recaps – Day 2

Marcus from Gears of War

Today, we’re going to look to the press conferences and announcements from Microsoft and Ubisoft. Trying to focus entirely on the games that were shown, and not the trainwreck of awkwardness that is Aisha Tyler and forced swearing during the Ubisoft show, it’s hard to remember that the main audience for these shows are those with a 14 year old sense of humor.


The show started off with the highly expected announcement of the Xbox One S, a 40% smaller console that has a 2TB hard drive and will come with a newly designed controller. It will launch in August with a $299 price tag. From there, they moved on to a trailer of Gears of War 4 and included gameplay. With added weapons and new enemies, this Gears game will definitely be a breath of fresh air to the franchise. With it, they also announce the beginning of “Xbox Play Anywhere” a program that will allow players to purchase a game one time, then be able to play it either on Xbox or a Windows 10 device. Moving on, they started a quick fire of certain titles including Killer Instinct, Forza Horizon 3, and Recore. The continued from there with Final Fantasy XV gameplay, showing a boss battle, and the ability to get friends to come and help you. Their big pitch of the day was for Xbox Live features including background music as you play games, Cortana, Clubs for Xbox, Looking for Group, and Arena. Clubs for Xbox will allow you to talk with other players of any game that you’re looking for. Looking for group will help you find players that are playing the same game as you, and you need assistance, making it easier to find a raid group in a game like Destiny. Arena will be Xbox’s own ladder and tournament system, with tournaments for any level of player.

The games continued from there with Inside from the creators of Limbo, a card game based on the Witcher series, Gwent, and Tekken 7. They will also be bring back a popular series and character with Dead Rising 4 using the hashtag #FrankisBack. With Scalebound, which looks to be an epic fantasy game, they showed off what they called “The biggest boss fight ever created” in which the player was working with dragons to defeat a humongous crab monster. Rare, or Banjo-Kazooie fame, made an appearance showing off Sea of Thieves, a multiplayer pirate game where everyone has to work together to get the ship moving, fighting enemy pirates, and finding buried treasure. State of Decay 2 was next, where it seems they’re highlighting the importance of multiplayer and working as a team to try to survive the zombie threat. The last game for Xbox is a brand new Halo Wars game to not much fanfare, and you can expect to see that out in February of next year. The close the show with a video showing a bunch of developers talking about amazing computer specs, and specific microchips, and how powerful some mystery machine is, until the end of the video when Xbox announces a brand new console “Project Scorpio”. A console that will be as powerful as a computer. We’ll have to see how it is received with how soon it’s coming out within Xbox One’s console cycle. Project Scorpio will be released holiday of next year.


The press conference kicks off with a flashy dance routine before Aisha Tyler comes on stage to announce Just Dance 2017. They then moved on to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, with amazing gameplay with four people trying to complete a mission. Following that, they brought on Trey Parker and Matt Stone to announce the brand new South Park: Fractured But Whole game which will feature a “superhero civil war” between The Coon and Mysterion over movie rights. You’ll play as the same character from The Stick of Truth, but will have to work your way back up from the bottom of the social food chain. The gimmick of the week continued after that with more virtual reality gaming announcements, with the biggest being Star Trek:VR which will allow you to play on the bridge of the Enterprise in one of the many important roles of the crew. They continued with For Honor, a war based game that will allow you to play as part of any one of three clans that are feuding over the last water supply they can find for 100 years. Moving on, Ubisoft officially showed the Watch Dogs 2 trailer and gameplay, which definitely has some thinly veiled Trump references. They also added that Watch Dogs will be the next game to be turned into a movie series, following Assassin’s Creed. The press conference wrapped up with a presentation on Steep, a game that is based on extreme sports high in the mountains of Europe. The game will be open world, and you’ll be able to join in with your friends as you race down a mountain.

Make sure you stay with us tomorrow as we bring you Sony’s press conference, as well as notes on Nintendo’s Treehouse with Pokemon Sun & Moon, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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