E3 Recaps – Day 1

Battlefield 1

All week, E3 has taken over southern California to show off everything they have planned for the next year, and even beyond. If you didn’t get the chance to watch the press conferences, we at Wampaslayer did all the hard work for you and will be giving you all the highlights of each press conference all this week. Today, we’re starting with the EA and Bethesda press conferences.


EA had a lot of big titles that people were excited about with Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. They opened with Titanfall 2 multiplayer which looked amazing. The additions that they announced are six more titans, better progression, and a whole single player campaign. They spent a lot of time on their sports franchises Madden football, and Fifa specifically. With Madden, they brought on eight finalists for their world tournament for the best virtual football player, as they announced challenges, live events, and “EA Major” events, open to the whole community. These events will allow players of all skill level to participate in tournaments against players all over the world. Starting with Fifa 17, there will now be a story mode that allows you to go through the life of a soccer player from getting drafted, to dealing with owners and coaches, to winning your league championship. Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn’t shown much, other than a trailer. During the Star Wars portion of the conference they announced a new Star Wars: Battlefront coming in 2017, as well as new series’ in 2018. With the new Battlefront, they did not announce anything about a single player mode, but did say that the games would go through many parts of the movies, including The Force Awakens. They wrapped the conference talking about Battlefield 1, announcing that each multiplayer game will feel unique due to many vehicle options and random weather and time of day. The gameplay looks hectic and will definitely challenge the player who is used to fast paced modern warfare.


Bethesda kicked off their press conference with the surprising reboot of Quake. They didn’t have much to announce, teasing that more information will be available at their Quakecon in August, but they did say it will be a PC exclusive, and run at high performance with unlocked frame rates. They moved on to updates to Fallout 4, including adding user mods to consoles “soon”, a Contraptions Workshop DLC which launches next week, a Vaultec Workshop in July, and a full DLC expansion Nuka World in August. Moving on, they announced Elder Scrolls Legends, a card game with a whole single player campaign, and will be available on mobile later this year. Staying with Elder Scrolls, they announced the remastered version of Skyrim, coming to PS4 & XBone October 28th. But the biggest news for Elder Scrolls came to Elder Scrolls Online, where they announced that there will no longer be level restrictions on areas in the game. You will be free to travel to any area, and will be leveled appropriately when you are there. They showed a trailer for a new game, Prey, which seems like a futuristic survival horror game. A big talking point of the week has been virtual reality gaming, and Bethesda announced Doom and Fallout 4 as their big VR games, that will be out soon. The press conference wrapped up with footage of Dishonored 2, with actual gameplay and story discussion. The depth of the story that they talked about is incredible, and hopefully will yield an amazing game.

Stay tuned with us here at Wampaslayer.com throughout the week for more recaps of the week at E3!

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