Disney cancels Inifinity, no longer self-publishing games

Disney Inifinity: Star Wars

On May 10, John Blackburn, SVP and GM of Disney Infinity, released a statement about Disney’s plan to cancel it’s Infinity gaming line. This comes only 2 months after announcing the plans to roll out Infinity 4.0 set for later this year. The decision, like most, seems to revolve around lost revenue due to declining sales. Infinity seemed to be doing well with the release of their Star Wars sets, surpassing the other toys-to-life games (Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions) in sales, but even that couldn’t save the brand.

Blackburn took “a moment to thank fans” for their continued support of the Infinity line, and “adding to the Disney legacy by being a part of the community.” Another result of this cancellation is the shutdown of Avalanche, the internal gaming studio responsible for producing the Infinity line.

Disney still plans to release Alice: Through the Looking Glass later this month, and they will release a Finding Dory set next month. Only time will tell what may happen to the other toys-to-life games, as it appears the bubble has burst on the genre, as console gaming trends away from that model.

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