December 3, 2021

E3 Schedule of Events


E3 is next week and is your one stop for everything you need to know. We will be live tweeting all the press conferences at @WampaMedia, so make sure you are following us on Twitter to keep up with all the news as it happens. Not only that, we’ll have recaps Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7pm! The press conferences are as follows…

Sunday, June 12th

4pm EDT/1pm PDT – Electronic Arts

10pm EDT/7pm PDT – Bethesda

Monday, June 13th

12:30pm EDT/9:30am PDT – Xbox

4pm EDT/1pm PDT – Ubisoft

9pm EDT/6pm PDT – Sony

Tuesday, June 14th

12pm EDT/9pm PDT – Nintendo

Make sure you stay tuned with throughout the week for all the latest video games news!

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Featured Image: E3 2012 by Jeriaska – Use and cropping under Creative Commons.


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