December 3, 2021

Big Things In Store For Supergirl!


There is no argument that it is a great time to be a superhero fan today as the “geek” culture becomes more and more mainstream. Personally, my favorite example of this is not so much in the multi-million dollar blockbusters, but in what’s happening on television particularly with the CW and its line of DC Comics shows.

Just in case you weren’t aware, the CW, a television network owned in a 50/50 split by Warner Brothers and CBS Corporation, has used a number of DC characters in television shows for a while now. One of the larger known shows before this current universe, Smallville, set network records and remained on the air for ten seasons before ending in 2010. Starting in 2012, the CW started a new line of DC shows that now exist in a shared continuity starting with Arrow, a show chronicling the origin of the superhero Green Arrow. Arrow featured and, spun off, the character of The Flash into his own show and both shows took some their secondary characters and spun them off into an ensemble series in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. All of these shows have found great success on their own and have even crossed over onto each other for some spectacular events.

While other networks have attempted to recreate this success, CBS attempted to recreate not only the popularity of the CW series but keep a light feel when they launched the hero Supergirl in her own show in 2015. The cousin of Kal-El, Kara aka Supergirl, retains all of the abilities of the Man of Steel but focuses heavily on the fact that she is an alien and often fights other aliens. When released it was presumed that Supergirl would take place in the same universe as Christopher Reeve’s character but, during an episode when she crossed over with The Flash, it was revealed that all of the DC television series and movies exist in the same multiverse with the films occupying one, Supergirl another and so on. This teased the potential for Supergirl to cross over in a larger way in her second season until CBS announced its 2016 seasons and Supergirl was not among them.

Luckily, this year, Warner Brothers Television announced that the series would be moving to the CW giving the television network four solid days of superhero programming. The more exciting thing for me is the potential for new crossovers and references between the series. This hope was answered when it was announced, and later confirmed by Arrow star Stephen Amell, that the entire CW DC universe would cross over in a four episode mid-season event. This begs the question of whether Supergirl will remain on her own earth, separate from the rest, or will some kind of cataclysm (say the events of the season finale of The Flash) force a reboot of the character and storyline?

Whatever the case may be, season 2 is already set up to be something amazing both with the crossover announcement and with the news that Superman will appear in the first two episodes of the season and not just a distant red and blue dot, an actual Superman performance and, as DC remarked recently, this will be the first time they have shared screen time since Smallville. While I do love how well Supergirl stands out in her own show, I am always excited to see any kind of larger universe references or super team ups especially being that Superman has been teased so much throughout the previous season.

With the exception of The Flash, all of these shows needed a few episodes to grow on me but I have grown to love every single one of them both for their unique style and for the characters themselves. Personally I can’t think of a better time to be a superhero fan and can’t wait to see what’s in store in the 2017 season. What do you think? How will they fit Supergirl into the CW universe and who do you think should take on the role of the Man of Steel? Let me know in the comments below!

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