October 20, 2021

Stop Canceling My Shows!

Agent Carter actress Haley Atwell

While the revival of television started over a decade ago, the past year has seen a resurgence of shows that I am not only keeping up with regularly, but watching consistently at the time of air instead of just DVR. I am loving all of the DC extended universe shows on the CW and CBS, as well as the Marvel shows on ABC. I am keeping up with almost everything on HBO and have even been up to date with the lovely Fox animated shows, whenever they decide to air.

My wife and I watched every episode of both seasons of Galavant as well as The Muppet Show, but ABC announced that both shows, as well as another household favorite, Agent Carter, are to be cancelled. I can believe that Galavant was close to done, if not this season then definitely the next, but for those who chose to stay away from it, I would suggest you find it online or binge as soon as it finds its way onto a streaming service because it was fantastic. The Muppets may not have been exactly as they were in the late 70s but the adult themes mixed with corny jokes and slapstick humor made the new series a delight.

Obviously, I may have been one of the few watching as these things tend to happen for a reason, but I would implore you to find some of these shows and enjoy what little content was created. For those who are on edge about a current show that may be losing popularity, try it out for a couple episodes lest it fall to a similar fate.



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