December 3, 2021

Overwatch Beta: My Final Thoughts

The beta has come and gone, and I can say is “Wow!” Overwatch is a great game, and the beta proved that. From start to finish, I felt that this game delivered on so many fronts: beautiful environments, great gameplay, fun and involved heroes, and great references to Blizzard’s other IP’s. Due to my pre-order, I was able to get early access to the beta, and I didn’t look back. From match one, I knew this game would be one to stay in heavy rotation. I love the heroes, and played them all. Granted, I wasn’t as good with some (see Lucio), and others I played almost exclusively (See Reinhardt, Tjorbjorn, and Junkrat) but the diverse roster means for long term playability and variety, as none of the heroes feel too similar.

This is a game that is best played with friends, and fortunately for me during this beta, I was able to play with 4+ friends consistently. Communication, strategy, and teamwork above all are crucial to being successful in this game. Once we gelled and found which heroes work best for our own play styles and skill levels, we were able to either win or at least compete in most matches we played. Playing with randoms was a hit or miss kind of deal, which isn’t atypical in console FPS games, but Overwatch doesn’t lend itself to lone wolf gameplay. The entire game is objective based, so be sure to have a good team makeup or you will be easily defeated.

I had my fair share of personal highlights, however. While playing as Reaper, I utilized his ultimate, Death Blossom, and killed the 4-5 enemies on the point to help win some games, and subsequently the play of the game. Junkrat was my most deadly defender, though. Whether it was lobbing grenades out of a doorway, trapping my enemies and sending them flying, this Junker kept control points locked down. Being able to destroy 4-5 attackers with one ultimate is a personal joy of mine, especially since it’s a spike tire of death. Although my best play of the game was with Roadhog, in which I sent both Mercy and the Reinhardt she was healing right off the map with Whole Hog.

One change I would like to see implemented is some sort of nerf to Bastion while he is in turret mode. I think that either limiting the range of motion to about 180 degrees, or slowing his rotation speed to locked number, not one dependent on the user’s sensitivity. Also, our guardian angel Mercy needs some sort of defense buff or ability. Whether she gets a small shield while damage boosting, or a little extra health while healing. Her main attack needs some sort of buff, either make it have push back, or make her shots automatic. Otherwise, the game feels and play great. May 24th cannot arrive sooner, as I need to continue my watch and save the planet.



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