Jason from Wampaslayer

The Wampaslayer Podcast – Episode 20

October 16, 2016 0

Can you believe its been 20 episodes!? We can’t! What’s even better, we haven’t even gotten sued yet! Dave, Jason, and Kris are here and things are definitely get nerdy! […]

The Wampaslayer Podcast – Episode 19

October 9, 2016 0

Let me tell you, it is very hard to find interesting things to talk about that aren’t related to politics or sports, right? Well, listen in to our variety of trending topics and then Jason and Kris fight about Aladdin. It gets good 🙂 […]

The Wampaslayer Podcast – Episode 18

October 3, 2016 0

Want to go to Mars within the next ten years? SpaceX has a plan. Saturday Night Live makes its return. And somehow we’re talking about No Man’s Sky again, weird. Plus, we’re talking about the state of Netflix and the cost of internet access at the Presidential Debate. This episode is a good one, so join Nate, Dave, Kris, and Jason for some great conversation and a few antics! […]

Wampaslayer Reviews – No Man’s Sky

September 13, 2016 0

The return of Wampaslayer Reviews is here with Jason, Kris, and Nate talking No Man’s Sky. Highly anticipated, many shortcomings, glimmers of hope, and more! Listen in for the Wampaslayer take on this controversial title. […]

The Wampaslayer Podcast – Episode 15

September 11, 2016 0

We have a “less crazy” episode for you today, with Nate, Kris, Jason, and Dave talking a slew of different topics (lots of iPhone talk, lots of online piracy talk). Listen in for the fun! […]

WoW Roles and Leadership

September 8, 2016 0

So anyone who has ever worked with a team before knows that good leaders need good leadership qualities. ‘Good job, Jason, you’ve really dropped some wisdom there…’ is what I’m hearing from all of you […]

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